Why Keto?

A keto lifestyle (yes, I said, “lifestyle”, because “diet” is such a turn off) is extremely beneficial for most.
And here’s where I’ll add my disclaimer before the haters start hating: *I am not an MD. I expect my readers to do their own research & consult with your physician before making any drastic changes in diet, lifestyle or medications. This is my experience & the experiences of many of my customers. This is an opinion, based on personal results. 

Shall I continue?  

Many of y’all know that my mom died from complications of Lupus at the age of 47.  She struggled for 9 years just to get a definitive diagnosis. For nearly a decade, she visited doctors and specialists from around the globe and ingested every poisonous medication they threw her way. With every new pill, there was always that hope that this would be the cure. Unfortunately, with every novel drug came new symptoms- those rare side effects that end up in class action lawsuit commercials. She fought hard, doing what she was told to do, because doctors know everything, right?! 

Shortly after my mom passed away, I was diagnosed with Lupus.

According to most rheumatologists, Lupus is not hereditary. This takes me back to, “doctors know everything”- in our family alone, my mom, 3 of her sisters & myself have all been diagnosed with lupus. Coincidence?!  I suppose it could just be in the drinking water, but I live 1,200 miles away from them. Draw your conclusion here.

Anyway, lupus is an inflammatory disease and I am a researcher.  I refused to accept a death sentence and I rejected the idea of merely existing on a prescription regimen that lined the pockets of big pharma while generating a plethora of unrelated ailments caused by “the cure”. Thus, my nerdiness reared its ugly head & I delved into discovering alternative antidotes. 

A common, recurring theme, that caught my attention was sugar and carbohydrates. 

Along with inheriting Lupus from my maternal family tree branches, I also obtained their addiction to sugar.

Double whammy.  

Long story short, I decided to cut carbs & sugar.  I became my own lab rat.  My results were so impressive that I turned my traditional bakery into a keto bakery!  My Sweet Caboose has been selling keto desserts for 6 years now & my customer testimonials never cease to amaze me.

Fad diets come and go. I’ve lost some customers over the years because “keto” was just that, a fad diet. Some of them reached their goals quickly & chose to quit “dieting”, but most of my clientele have been loyal shoppers since the very beginning. Their reasons, in order of most common to least common, are as follows:

  1. Weight loss
  2. General health (bp, cholesterol, etc)
  3. Diabetes
  4. Autoimmune disease 
  5. ADHD
  6. Epilepsy (and other seizure disorders)
  7. Autism
  8. Neuropathy 
  9. Parkinson’s Disease
  10. Alzheimer’s (and dimentia)
  11. Gout
  12. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
  13. Cancer
  14. Multiple Sclerosis 
  15. Migraines 
  16. TBI (traumatic brain injury)

While the professional research varies greatly on the effects of a ketogenic lifestyle on each of these diseases/conditions, when you experience the benefits of keto firsthand, are able to reduce or even cease the use of prescription drugs, decrease pain & inflammation and have increased energy & function, you’ll establish your own verdict.

Since starting keto, I have never had a lupus flare up. Not one. I don’t take any medications, OTC nor prescription. Not one.  Again, don’t take my word for it. Unless you’re a scarecrow, you have a brain…use it! I’d love to hear your feedback & testimony once you do.

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