Our Best Brands & Top Tips for Baking Like a Big Leaguer

If you’ve ever scrolled upon a keto recipe with the words, “easy”, “simple” or “effortless” in the title, noted that the pictures looked like The Cake Boss created it, but you gave it a whirl anyway, only to create a dull as ditchwater, Pinterest fail, then you’ve come to the right place!

I have yet to find a truly “easy” keto recipe, and here’s why:  Keto baking is nothing like “regular” baking. When baking traditional desserts, you use traditional ingredients and traditional methods. There’s nothing traditional about keto. 
Ergo, my most useful tips:

  1. Almond flour is heavy, much heavier than all purpose flour. Coconut flour is comparable to all purpose flour, but it depletes the moisture (A LOT). Rule of thumb- when a recipe calls for almond flour only, simply replace 1 TBSP (per cup) of almond flour with 1 TBSP of coconut flour. You can also use protein powder instead of coconut flour. Either of these substitutions will make your cake lighter & fluffier.
  2. If a recipe just calls for coconut flour, it should also list a sufficient amount of liquid, such as almond milk, water, heavy cream, etc. If not, add some! If you add too much, just leave it sit for a few minutes & the coconut flour will absorb the excess liquid.
  3. This should be number 1, because it’s the most important- brand name ingredients matter! Hold on. I’m going to bold, italicize  & underline this one…it’s THAT important! BRAND NAMES MATTER. If a recipe calls for Swerve, use Swerve. I can assure you, that, as a baker, we’ve tried other brands, cheaper brands, more readily available brands & we’ve tried alternatives, such as monk fruit, allulose, xylitol, etc. When we create a masterpiece and put it on the www, for all to try, we’ve already explored all avenues and this is what works best. Take my word for it.  If you substitute, you lose your privilege to write a review.  
  4. These are a few of my trusted brands of common keto ingredients: Allulose, monk fruit, erythritol (Swerve)almond flour, coconut flour, almond milk, cream cheese, butter, brown "sugar", powdered sugar & baking powder.
  5. I only use Swerve, Monk fruit & allulose as my sugar alternatives because these sweeteners have been proven safe for diabetics, they have zero effect on the glycemic index. Also, they measure 1:1 with sugar when substituting in recipes, and lastly, they tend to cook and bake very similar to sugar.
These are just a few pointers that I thought of this week, be sure to check back for more of my "lessons learned"!

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