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My name is Mandy, I graduated from The Ohio State University...yes, I'm a Buckeye, with Texas roots.  I worked in the field of veterinary medicine for over 25 years (I started at a very young age).  I'm also a wife and mom of 3 boys.  As a mom, of growing boys, I spend countless hours in the kitchen.  After many years of gifting delicious creations to friends and family, I began getting requests from strangers.  I had discovered a passion, other than animals!  So, I decided to take a risk.

In 2009, I started a home based bakery.  In 2014, My Sweet Caboose, LLC was born.  Today, we make and DELIVER custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candies and much more, all over the Houston area.  We've delivered as far as Austin, Galveston and Dallas for weddings!  We pride ourselves in exceeding our customers expectations, and because of that, we have hundreds of returning customers.  We love creating edible works of art & delicious keto desserts!

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cake gallery

  • Beach Wedding Cake
  • Mermaid Cake
  • Ezekiel Elliott Cake
  • Birthday Cake
  • Teapot Cake
  • Accounting Cake
  • Superdad's Cake
  • Aloha Cake
  • Erin's birthday cake
  • Big Mouth Bass Cake

Important Info!

**NOTE** All of our products are made fresh when ordered! We never freeze or use preservatives. We only use the highest quality ingredients, make & bake everything in small batches using our own proven recipes and believe that our products are the best because of this! Thank you for checking out My Sweet Caboose!

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